Magic Ball

Magic Ball

Magic Balls is a very entertaining game joining together 3 or more similar balls
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Alawar Entertainment

Magic Balls 3.5 is an instant puzzle game classic!. In this game you will need all your effort and intelligence to make your way through the game into the end.
Magic Balls 3.5 combines great graphics and lighting effects to create a 3D visual effect in the balls, so your experience becomes richer.

The objective of this game is to make lines by joining the balls. You may switch adjacent balls to do that. But remember the ball you switch, must be the same color with the next to it.

Once you complete the line, the balls will explode!! And new balls will come to fill those spaces.

The game continues getting harder and harder until you exhaust all posibles moves. When this happen is game over my friend!

Magic Balls 3.5 also includes a midi player so it makes richer and funnier to play!!!

Make your moves and take your chances with this never ending alway fun to play puzzle game, which will give you hour and hours of fantastic fun!!!

With Magic Balls 3.5 you will always ensure a good time!!

Gener Vázquez
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  • Discover all the graphics and the lighting effects


  • Midi Music
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